Varx Cushion - Bonfield Block Printers


A traditional hand block printed cushion on high-quality Russian linen. The cushion pad is made from 100% cotton and filled with duck feathers. Based in West Dorset, Bonfield Block Printers are artists Cameron Short and Janet Tristram. Their work is rooted in their deep affection of the countryside, its rituals and folklore. 'Varx' (the name is inspired by the West Country pronunciation of 'fox') gently touches on the contradiction in nature between beauty and violence. On first glance, we are greeted by the sentinel gaze of a fox from behind foxgloves. Peer closer and we notice he's licking his lips as the remnants of his supper float away on the evening air.

Material: 100% Linen, feather filled

Dimensions: Height: 33cm Width: 46cm