Groin - Alex Cree


Families enjoying the protection of the groin on Lyme Regis' sandy beach, the calm blue sea promising the best swim of the year, framed by the glory of golden cap in the distance. Colourful confident strokes depict this scene on an early September day. Alex paints from life with life.

Alex will often pop into Ryder and Hope after a day of painting to show us his work, wet, heavy with colour, smells of linseed and turps. He like his work is bright and optimistic, we are always in awe of how he depicts such familiar Lyme Regis scenes with such vibrancy, skill and innocence.

Alex is a Dorset boy, returning to his native county after training in fine art gaining a  BA from Canterbury Christ Church and a postgrad from The royal drawing school. Alex takes inspiration from a huge range of artists from different periods: Titian, Delacriox, Cezanne, Augustus John, Matisse, Balthus, Ruskin Spear, Uglow, to name but a few. A trait he shares with all his influences is he works from life, from drawings and pure imagination.

Material: Oil on board

Dimensions: Length: 55.5cm Height: 40.1cm framed