Calming Scent Mist-Honest


Honest’s calming scent mist with black pepper and ylang ylang is the perfect comfort and recovery remedy. Use within your home or spray on the body for a feeling of mindfulness. Our de-stress mist on the go is free from synthetic ingredients. We don't use any perfumes, only pure organic essential oils.

Directions: Shake well and mist into the atmosphere or use on the hair and body.

Ingredients and their benefits:

BLACK PEPPER: Calms nerves.

LAVENDER: Relaxes the body and mind.

BERGAMOT: Soothes the endocrine system and warms the soul.

YLANG YLANG: Fights anxiety and fights hyper adrenal symptoms.

CEDARWOOD: Improves physical and mental well being.

100ml glass bottle with spray mister.

Made in England.