Ghost Bottle - Nick Ivins


Ghost Bottle has a gratifying ephemerality. The textural emphasis of the cork, spectral brush stroke of white and penciled shape of the bottle add depth and dynamism to an intentionally flat medium. Nick invites us to question his intentions, making this piece even more pleasing in its implicit intensity.  

Born in Kent, trained at Turps Art School and Canterbury College of Art and settled in Lyme Regis, Dorset, Nick Ivins is a satisfyingly enigmatic artist. Splashy, colourful and often boat-themed, Nick describes his style ‘as if the bastard grandson of Alfred Wallis careened from a dockside bar, and drunk on colour, set sail in a stolen super yacht around his own leaking bathtub.’

Materials: Oil on panel

Dimensions: 21cm x 19cm (framed)