Ode to Ash


Framed in oak, this limited edition block print from Bonfield Block Printers was created in response to the plight of Britain's 'Venus of the woods' (the name given to the ash by woodsmen of old) caused by ash dieback, this large block print celebrates the ancient, native tree. The ash stands at a crossroads in a bucolic landscape, surrounded by figures from times past. Among them is a herdsman who carries an ash stick to keep the Evil Eye away from his stock, a country girl who, hoping to meet her true love, keeps an 'even ash' leaf in her glove, and a woodsman who kneels reverently beneath the great tree.

This block print is available in  'Carbon black' ink on white, 285gsm archival printmaking paper. The print is limited to 50 editions, and all are numbered and signed by the artist, Cameron Short, in pencil.


Width 75cm

Height 100cm