Stropt, Iroko Razor Homing Pad

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Leather strops have been used since the dawn of time for the final stage of sharpening and maintaining an edge on blades. Our Razor Honing Pads use the same principle to keep modern cartridge and disposable razors sharp for three to five times longer. This helps to save money and reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

They are handmade in the UK from natural vegetable tanned leather on a hardwood base – we use sustainably sourced Iroko as it is extremely durable and highly resistant to water.

To use, simply wet pad and push the the razor firmly upwards five or six times times (in a reverse shaving action) to clean and hone the blades.



• Thick leather strop for cleaning and maintaining a sharp edge on all types of cartridge and disposable razors.
Dramatically extends the working life of handheld razors by 3-5 times, saving money on blades.
It is estimated that 2 billion razors are discarded every year in the US alone! We reckon that must mean at least 10 billion are discarded globally every year which is an awful lot of unnecessary plastic waste!

Natural vegetable tanned leather strop
3-3.5mm thick premium cowhide processed using only the naturally occurring tanins found in oak bark and vegetable matter. The natural oils in the leather mean that no additional honing compounds are necessary.

Solid FSC Iroko base
Sustainable hardwood sourced only from FSC accredited suppliers, Iroko is similar to Teak with tight grain and excellent natural water resistance.

Lightweight and portable
Weighing about 40 grams and measuring 100x44x12mm, it can easily slip into a washbag.